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Entry #1

Joining The Newgrounds Community!

2013-05-14 02:04:27 by AzureLeo

Hello! anyone that see's this. I'm Shaydon - otherwise known as Azure or AzureLeo! I had several previous alias's such as Koolzone which is the most significant alias out of the majority of them. I'm a guy just finishing up High School with hobbies that revolve around ART. I love Art. I also love video-games. I also love Anime. MUSIC TOO. But you know, I'm still almost completely irrelevant on Newgrounds currently, so let's hope for the best. Meanwhile, I'll get comfy here and post whatever here and there. Thanks for reading.



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2013-05-14 03:08:05

Wise choice, my friend, with the help of this community you will soon soar to new heights, imagine the day when you get one fan, imagine the unforgeable moment you receive a first review, consider the very first time you post at the forums and get banned! The experiences are going to shower your soul in a rain of bliss and fortune. Welcome. :P


2013-05-14 04:49:37



2013-05-14 05:29:04

So, is your old alt?

(Updated ) AzureLeo responds: